Polly Pocket Wall Party Tree House Review (Mattel)

What It Is

The new Polly Pocket Wall Party playsets, as the name implies, lets kids take Polly Play off the floor and stick it to the wall. The sets use non-marking Command Strips from 3M, and parents can attach them to the wall. The Tree House playset comes with a Polly doll, kitty, suction cup accessories so that nothing falls off the playset during play, and four Command Strips.

Before attaching the playset to a wall, make sure you have three feet of open wall space. Then assemble the playset and apply the Command Strips to the back of the brackets. The red side goes on the bracket. The black side goes on the wall. Attach the brackets to the playset. Hang the playset on the wall at a suitable height for your child. Press the brackets firmly onto the wall and hold for 30 seconds.

Once attached, kids can send the kitty through the secret hatch, raise and lower Polly in the swing seat, send Polly sliding down the slide, or let Polly curl up in the sleeping bag for a nap.

Additional Wall Party playsets are sold separately and can be connected to the Tree House.

Is It Fun?

Polly Pocket Wall Party adds a new dimension to play with Polly, allowing kids to create a play environment on the wall, saving floor space—and allowing the set to become part of a room's decor.

Who It’s For

The Polly Pocket Wall Party Tree House is for ages 4 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Adult assembly is required. It takes about 20 minutes to assemble and attach to a wall.

Before attaching to the wall, be sure to consider how the child is going to play with the set, whether sitting or standing, and whether it is going to be integrated with other Polly or different playsets.

Never use the Command Strips with wallpaper or vinyl surfaces, and don't hang the Wall Party playsets over beds.

Make sure you carefully follow the removal instructions for best results.

Purchase medium Command Refill Strips to reapply the playset to a wall.

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