Harry Potter Kinect Review (Warner Bros.)

What It Is

Harry Potter for Kinect could be the closest you can get to Hogwarts without traveling to Great Britain or a Universal theme park. The game allows you to live out some of Hogwarts’ famous classes and extracurricular activities through the magic of Kinect.

Is It Fun?

Harry Potter for Kinect is a collection of games that revisits all eight movies. The game starts in Ollivanders with the player selecting a wand… or actually, a wand selecting the player. Then it’s off to Hogwarts to play through each year by reenacting some of the key moments from the movies. The games range from classroom activities like making potions in Professor Snape's class or repotting Mandrakes in the greenhouse to activities like Quidditch to adventures including battling a troll in the lavatory.

After each game, you will see still image frames of yourself displayed on the TV along with your score for the game. The images are pretty funny and something that kids will get a kick out of.

Who It’s For

This is a great game for little wizards and Muggles. It’s graded E-10. However, anyone over the age of 10 is probably not going to be very enchanted with the graphics, which look more like a Wii game than Xbox 360.

What To Be Aware Of

The game works well with Kinect and I didn’t notice a lot of lag between my movements and my avatar's. There were a few times when it seemed like the avatar wasn’t doing what I was doing but it didn’t seem to affect the game play.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Learning Curve

  • Harry Potter Kinect from Warner Bros.
  • Part of the Harry Potter brand
  • Rated E for Everyone
  • Available on: Xbox 360
  • Available October 9, 2012