Animal Soup Review (Haywire Group)

What It Is

In the game Animal Soup, players travel around the game board collecting animal tiles to complete mixed-up animals. For instance, if you want to make the mixed-up animal "Birdle", you'll need the Bird and Turtle animal tiles. The first player to complete two mixed-up animals wins the game.

The game is played in the bottom of the game box. You'll need to attach the game board extender piece to the opening on the box before you play. Each player places his character pawn on their favorite animal on the game board box. Then take turns rolling the jumbo die. Move your character pawn in either direction the number of spaces rolled. If you land on an animal space, take that animal tile and place it in front of you. If another player already has that tile, do nothing. If the tile you took completes a mixed-up animal (both tiles will have the same colored circle), turn them over to assemble your animal. If not, keep the colored circle face-up and do not turn over the tile.

There are also two special spaces you might land on. Roll Again means you get to roll the jumbo die again and take another turn. The Trade space lets you trade any one of your animal tiles with another player's animal tile. If you don't want to trade, do nothing and end your turn.

Animal Soup comes with a game board extender piece, a mixed-up animal guide, 14 animal tiles, a jumbo die, four character pawns, and four stands. It is for two to four players.

Is It Fun?

Animal Soup is a really fun, easy-to-understand game for young kids. Preschoolers will love creating silly and made-up animals in this game. The game also helps children with matching skills as it asks kids to look for the color matches between two animals.

Who It’s For

Animal Soup is for ages 3 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

If you want to play a shorter game, play until a player has completed only one mixed-up animal.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy