Kinect Sesame Street TV Review (Microsoft)

What It Is

Kinect Sesame Street TV has the potential to change the way kids watch Sesame Street because it isn’t a game based on the TV show, it is a collection of Sesame Street episodes that kids can interact with while watching.

Each 30-minute episode features content from the 42nd season of Sesame Street plus new material created specifically for the game. Throughout the episodes, there are numerous opportunities for kids to get involved and interact with the characters and action happening on the screen.

Is It Fun?

The game uses Kinect to make kids an integral part of the show by frequently asking them to do something active like jump, point, shout or dance. For example, in one scene of one episode, Grover wants the kids watching to help him count coconuts. The kids have to throw imaginary coconuts into a box on the TV. As soon as the imaginary coconuts are tossed they appear on the TV and land in Grover’s box.

In a scene that uses footage from the 42nd season, the Sesame Street gang is measuring each other to see if they have grown. During the segment, rulers are hidden in various places for short periods of time. Kids watching the show are instructed to point out the rulers when they find them and shout “Picture”! When they do, a character will pop up in the corner and take the kid’s picture. All the pictures are then displayed in a scrapbook after the scene concludes.

Who It’s For

This is an ideal gaming and entertainment experience for Sesame Street’s target audience. The menu screen is easy to navigate so little kids should be able to start an episode.

What To Be Aware Of

Kinect Sesame Street TV is sold in stores in a two-disc set of eight episodes. You can also purchase each episode individually through Xbox Live.

This is an Xbox 360 exclusive game. You also need a Kinect for Xbox to play.

Sesame Street has always reinforced learning through active engagement with kids, and this is a wonderful way to reinforce that in a highly contemporary, technologically advanced way.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Learning Curve

  • Kinect Sesame Street TV from Microsoft
  • Rated EC for Early Childhood
  • Available on: Xbox 360
  • Available September 18, 2012