Lalaloopsy Tea Party Game Review (TCG)

What It Is

Assemble the tea pot and place it in the middle of the game board. Then randomly place the sweet tokens on each of the pink circles. Each player receives a placemat on which she must collect four different sweets and the tea cup. Take turns spinning the tea pot. Before you spin, ask, "My little teapot, may I have a delicious sweet?" Press the spout and the teapot will twirl. The teapot will make a twinkling sound effect if you get to take a sweet token. Wherever the teapot lands, that's the token you get to take. If there is no token on the space, you can steal a token from another player.

If you hear the teapot whistle, you won't get a sweet. But you do get to look at the inner circle on the game board. Wherever the teapot lands on the inner circle, do what that space requires. So if you land on the mitt, you can swap a sweet token for one you don't have. If you land on the cookie, you get to take the cookie token, which means that all the tokens on your placemat are safe from other players. If you land on the cake, you must remove a sweet token from your placemat and put it on an empty space on the board. If you land on the cup, you get another turn.

After a player has four different Sweets on their placemat, on her next turn she asks, "My little teapot, am I the winner?" If the teapot twinkles, the player gets the teacup and wins. If the teapot whistles, the player must follow the instructions of the inner circle symbol that the teapot lands on. On her next turn, the player can ask the teapot again, provided she hasn't lost any of her sweets.

The game comes with a spinning teapot with sound, a game board, four placemats, a teacup, a lucky cookie jar, 16 sweets, and instructions. It is for two to four players.

Is It Fun?

Despite the long explanation above, the game is very easy to understand and play. The game pieces are large and colorful, and the teapot sound effects are charming and engaging for kids. Lalaloopsy fans will enjoy engaging with these "sew cute" dolls in a new way.

Who It’s For

Lalaloopsy Tea Party Game is for ages 5 and up.

However, it will most likely appeal to younger children who still like to play tea party.

What To Be Aware Of

Two AAA batteries are required but not included.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy

    2 AAA batteries required