Lalaloopsy Silly Hair Star Harmony B. Sharp Review (MGA Entertainment)

What It Is

The new Lalaloopsy Silly Hair Star Harmony B. Sharp combines the fun of the Lalaloopsy Silly Hair dolls with interactive features. Harmony B. Sharp comes with six removable hairstyles that play six different songs when placed on the doll's head. Place the doll on the dancing stage, press the doll's chest, and Harmony will sing, groove, and spin her hair. Sometimes Harmony will ask kids to insert a specific hair piece or she'll ask kids to dance with her. Harmony B. Sharp also loves to be tickled and will ask kids to press her chest button to tickle her. Harmony B. Sharp also comes with her rattling pet cat and a poster. The 12-inch doll has moveable arms, legs, and a head.

Is It Fun?

Silly Hair Star Harmony B. Sharp is a cute new addition to the world of Lalaloopsy, the rag dolls who magically came to life when their last stitch was sewn. Kids will like mixing and matching Harmony's hair pieces and dancing along with the doll as Harmony sings.

Who It’s For

Lalaloopsy Silly Hair Star Harmony B. Sharp is for ages 4 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Four AA batteries are included, but they are for the in-store try-me purposes. MGA recommends replacing them before you play for best results.

The doll can be played with off of the dance stage, but the doll will not dance and the hair will not spin unless Harmony is attached to the stage.

Keep faces and hair away from rotating parts. Do not insert anything into the hair piece openings other than the hair pieces included with this toy.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy

    4 AA batteries required