Where’s Waldo? Join the Search Review (Techno Source)

What It Is

Where's Waldo? Join the Search is a board game featuring the popular red-and-white-striped book character. In this game, players race to find hidden objects and collect cards. The first player to eight cards wins.

There are eight game boards and a spinner. Arrange the game boards color side up in a 3x3 grid with the spinner in the center of the grid. The game boards can be placed in any order you want. Players choose their game chips, which will be used to mark found objects on the game boards. Then players take turns spinning the spinner.

If you land on Waldo, draw Waldo cards. These cards show you hidden objects to search for. All players try to find the objects on the Waldo cards. The first player to find an object and mark it with their chip wins the matching Waldo card. The round continues until all hidden objects are found and the cards are collected.

If you land on Wizard, draw one Wizard card. These are also search cards, but instead of pictures of hidden items, these cards give descriptions. So all players might have to search for "something heavy." The first player to find and mark all items wins the card.

If you land on Woof, all players race to find four hidden bones and mark them with the game chips. The first player to do so wins a Woof Card.

If you land on Wenda, flip over the boards so that their black-and-white sides are showing. Then spin the spinner again and play the round as you normally would. You can flip the boards back over once it's the next player's turn.

If you land on Odlaw, shuffle and rearrange the game boards any way you want to mix it up.

The game is for two to six players and comes with 106 Action Cards, 24 game chips, eight double-sided game boards, a game spinner, instructions, and two postcards to send to friends or collect.

Is It Fun?

Being able to set up the game boards however you want means that Where's Waldo? Join the Search is different each time you play. There are so many objects to find in a variety of different scenes, from the Wild West to a carnival, that there will always be something new to find. And we like that as you're playing, the game can change with just a spin of the spinner.

Who It’s For

Where's Waldo? Join the Search is for ages 8 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Additional Where's Waldo? board and card games are also available and sold separately.

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  • Assembly & Instructions

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