Stop & Go! Review (Shortstack)

What It Is

In Stop and Go!, kids are interacting with 12 different vehicles as each cruise onto the screen and stop at the stoplight. Each vehicle is clearly labeled and narrated with both a child and adult voice. A quick tap makes the vehicles come alive. Then you enjoy listening in on the short conversations between the parent and child in the app. They are delightful, will get your child giggling, and are full of fantastic language for young kids to hear. When you are ready, send the vehicle on its way with the tap of the stoplight. Other areas of the app have interactivity too. Tap on the sun and watch the screen go from day to night. Be careful of the fire hydrant; it sends out a roar of water. There's also a great deal to discover that we are only beginning to mention here.

The app is available in English and Spanish for Apple or Android platforms.

Is It Fun?

This app is fantastic for young kids to listen, tap, and experience fun language that goes along with each dynamic vehicle.

Who It’s For

It's designed for ages 3–5 and is best used when parents and kids can cuddle up and play together.

What To Be Aware Of

There is a Lite version on the iTunes App Store where you can try out a few of the vehicles for free. You can also find downloadable Stop and Go! coloring sheets on the developer's website,

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  • Stop & Go! from Shortstack
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  • Available on: Android and iOS
  • Available October 13, 2011