Montessori Numbers Review (L’Escapadou)

What It Is

Montessori Numbers is an app that gives younger kids a place to play with building quantities and older kids an app that reinforces place value. There are four formal activities in this app. Start your young child on the activity called 1 to 20. Choose between three levels of difficulty working with numbers 1–5, 1–10, or 11–20. Then watch the app share the number's name and show the quantity. Then it's your turn. Drag the blocks to make the matching set for each number. If blocks aren't motivating for your child, check out the options where you can change to working with balls, flowers, diamonds, cupcakes, or even cars.

The Quantity activity has three levels, too. Work with numbers 1–9, 10–99, or 100–999. The app gives you a number to build. Using ones, tens, and hundreds blocks, build the given number. There's no emphasis on building in a specific way. Kids get to experiment and work through a variety of ways you can build a number.

There are also two numeral activities in the app. You can play by listening (the dark blue button on the main screen) or by quantities (the light blue button). The listening activity has the app giving your child a number to write. Drag and drop the individual numbers from the bottom to create the correct number. As you drag the numbers into place, the app drops the matching ones, tens, and hundreds blocks. Playing by quantity gives kids the chance to analyze how many blocks are on the screen and drag and drop the correct numbers into place. It is not an easy task.

Not everything is so formal in Montessori Numbers. There is also a fantastic building game that kids can use any time. The building game is a free play space where kids can drop numbers and blocks and interact with on-screen fireworks.

Is It Fun?

Montessori Numbers is an excellent app for using during homework time. It is especially useful for parents to model the complex and difficult concept of place value. The building feature allows kids to take a little brain break but still be playing with math.

Who It’s For

Montessori Numbers is for ages 3 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Montessori Numbers is compatible with the iPad. It requires iOS 4.2 or later.

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