Wee Alphas Review (Wee Society)

What It Is

Wee Alphas is a digital ABC book where each letter of the alphabet is presented with an enchanting illustrated animal. Your child's job is to find the hidden letter in each of the illustrations. Find the letter, give it a tap, and watch the letter emerge. The letter will be highlighted both in the illustration and in the text of the sentence. You'll find the letter A hidden inside a singing angelfish, the letter Q in a quilting quail, and the letter U in a unicorn wearing red underwear. The illustrations have some surprises, too. By just touching the screen, kids can watch a popping panda, send a squirrel into a sneezing fit, and change the hairstyles of Violet the vulture. The text of the story gives kids experience with alliteration, rhymes, and wordplay that will entertain the adults, too. When you are finished with the complete A to Z story, the app asks what your special letter is. For most young kids, it will be the first letter of their name. Find and tap your letter, then trace it on the screen.

Is It Fun?

Wee Alphas is a beautiful ABC book that parents and children will want to play with over and over again. Reading the story, interacting with the animals, and finding the letters is a fun experience, and tracing your favorite letter is a great way that Wee Alphas personalizes the story for your child.

Who It’s For

Wee Alphas is for all ages.

What To Be Aware Of

There are tips for parents and kids to interact together on the detailed How it Works page. We highly recommend spending some time going through this area, learning about the many features of the app.

Wee Alphas is compatible with the iPad. It requires iOS 5.0 or later.

If you enjoy the Wee Alphas app, check out their website, WeeSociety.com, where you can purchase customized posters and prints for your child.

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  • Wee Alphas from Wee Society
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  • Available on: iOS
  • Available September 5, 2012