Xploderz X2 Retaliator 2000 Review (The Maya Group)

What It Is

The Xploderz X2 Retaliator 2000 is a new blaster in the Xploderz line that uses water-based beads as ammo. The beads start out as small, hard pellets. When you soak the pellets in water for at least four hours, they grow and become squishy balls. Load the ammo clip with the ammo and attach the clip to the blaster. The Retaliator has an auto-loading feature so kids can quickly load and fire with one stroke, up to 75 rounds per minute. To blast, pull back on the plunger and release. The ammo can travel up to 100 feet. The Xploderz X2 Retaliator 2000 comes with an ammo depot and 2000 rounds of ammo.

Is It Fun?

This is classic blaster play, and kids are going to have a great time just running around and blasting. This is great and engaging fun that will encourage kids to create all kinds of games that will keep them active and excited.

Who It’s For

The Xploderz X2 Retaliator 2000 is for ages 8 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

The manufacturer says that the ammo will go about 100 feet, and we found that to be pretty accurate. But we also think that kids will have more fun setting up targets that are somewhat closer for the simple reason that it's easier to see if you've hit something, and you get better accuracy over shorter distances.

The blaster mechanism takes a bit of effort to pull, and the farther back you pull, the farther the ammo goes. So younger kids may not get the same distance as older kids. To be fair, this is age-graded for ages 8 and up, and we felt that with the stock attached, the average 8-year-old should be able to pull it all the way back.

It comes with a stand, so kids can lie down to blast and simulate being a sniper. We thought that was cool, but pulling back on the plunger pulls down on the blaster, which can change the aim.

Don't shoot one another with the ammo. Being shot at close range does sting a little bit, but not much.

We recommend this for outdoor play, and because the ammo was originally designed for watering plants, it won't harm yards or plants. The water will evaporate and go into the soil.

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