Digital Light Designer Review (Crayola)

What It Is

The Digital Light Designer is a spinning light canvas that lets kids create using colored LED technology on a 360-degree domed drawing surface. There are three different modes of play: free-hand drawing, animation creation, and games and activities. Turn on the unit and use the stylus to select what mode you want. You can also use the stylus to select line width and color, and then start drawing. When you're done, you can add special effects, such as spinning, melting, and color change. If you like what you drew, you can save it. Up to 50 creations can be saved in the gallery. The games and activities mode features interactive drawing games, including maze races, animated connect the dots, mirror draw, and memory games.

Is It Fun?

The Digital Light Designer is an engaging combination of creativity and technology. However, it definitely has a learning curve, and it takes time to be proficient at drawing on this. But that's the whole point. Before you play, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the directions. This toy really isn't that complicated once you get to know the various icons and different levels of play. But you need to spend some time with it. For a big wow factor and longer-term play, this is an engaging and innovative toy.

Who It’s For

The Digital Light Designer is for ages 6 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

The toy requires four D batteries for the base and two AAA batteries for the stylus, which are not included.

The motor is fairly loud, and you'll want to be sure that there's no light interference that can affect the use of the stylus. Playing in a semi dark space is also very cool and dramatic.

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  • Assembly & Instructions


    4 D & 2 AAA batteries required