Dino Excavation Kits Review (Geoworld)

What It Is

Dino Excavation Kits feature a variety of dinosaur replicas, including Velociraptor, Brachiosaurus, and Styracosaurus. But before kids can see the replica dinosaur skeletons, they must unearth the bones. Using the included hammer and chisel, kids must "dig" for the bones hidden in the included gypsum block. Once the bones are discovered, kids then must put the bones together to form the dinosaur. (Instructions are given as to how the bones should be assembled.) After assembly, kids have their very own miniature dinosaur skeleton replica. The packaging of each kit also includes interesting facts about the dinosaur, so kids can read about the "fossil" they just uncovered.

Is It Fun?

The Dino Excavation Kits are a fun, hands-on way for kids to roleplay being a paleontologist. These toys are engaging and creative, and they appeal to kids' interest in dinosaurs and the prehistoric.

Who It’s For

The Dino Excavation Kits are for ages 6 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

It took us half an hour to extricate the dinosaur parts and put them together. Chiseling out the dinosaur parts can be difficult, so it might take some kids longer to do. But that's part of the fun! The illustrated instructions are pretty easy to follow, but we had trouble getting our dinosaur's head to stay together.

This is a messy kit. The covering over the dinosaur parts is basically chalk, so kids will end up with chalk all over their hands and chalk dust on their clothes and workspace.

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