All Aboard the Dinosaur Train Review (PBS Kids)

What It Is

All Aboard the Dinosaur Train is an app for the iPad that features familiar characters and dinosaurs from the popular Dinosaur Train show. In this app, the Dinosaur Train is getting ready to leave, but it needs to board its passengers. The only problem is that all the dinosaurs are different sizes. The large dinosaurs won't fit in the small train cars, and the small dinosaurs are too small for the big train cars. Kids must place the dinosaurs in the right train cars based on size. If kids guess incorrectly, the game offers tips to help them match the dinosaur and train car: "Find a smaller passenger that's not so tall."

In the one-player mode, kids complete five levels. Each level is slightly harder than the last, with more dinosaurs to match. After each level, they earn one part of a conductor's uniform: whistle, flag, waistcoat, watch, and hat. Once kids have completed all five levels, they receive a code that can be entered at for a prize, such as a printable train conductor hat that kids can color and cut out.

Two-player mode is the same, but two players work together to match the dinosaurs to the train cars. Completing all five levels gives kids the same code as the one-player mode. You can only redeem the code once.

Is It Fun?

All Aboard the Dinosaur Train challenges kids to solve problems by estimating the dinosaurs' sizes and comparing them with the train cars' capacity. Kids who like Dinosaur Train will like engaging with the Conductor off of the TV screen.

Who It’s For

The All Aboard the Dinosaur Train app is for Dinosaur Train fans ages 3–5.

What To Be Aware Of

The All Aboard the Dinosaur Train app is compatible with the iPad. It requires iOS 3.2 or higher.

There is also a Dinosaur Train app for the iPhone called Dinosaur Train Camera, which is available to download for $1.99.

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