Fame Us Review (Asmodee)

What It Is

Fame Us is a guessing game that taps into today's popular tween culture to put the most knowledgeable celebrity fanatics to the test. The game challenges players to match a celebrity to a series of description cards.

To start, each player receives six Description Cards and one Team Card (either Diva or Celeb). Each player keeps her cards secret. Then, without looking at them, take the first 10 cards from the Description Cards pile and place them face-down next to the pile. These 10 cards become the starter pile. The youngest player places the hourglass in front of her and places the first card of the starter pile face-up in the middle of the table. Each player takes turns doing one of three things:

1. Place a Description Card from her hand face-up next to the card already revealed. If she does this, she must think of a celebrity who fits the criteria on all the cards or attempt to fool the other players by pretending like she's thought of someone. For instance, if the cards laid down say "blonde" and "slim", a player might be thinking of Cody Simpson.

2. Skip her turn and draw a Description Card from the pile.

3. Call out the last player who played a Description Card, accusing them of bluffing. If this happens, the round ends. The accused player must name a celebrity they were thinking of, and the other players vote to decide if they are for or against that suggestion. If the accuser wins, the accused player has to pick up three Description Cards. If the accused player wins, the accuser has to pick up two Description Cards. Then a new round begins.

The hourglass is used if a player takes too long on her turn or if the discussion before voting is too long. The other players decide to use the hourglass during a player's turn. If the hourglass runs out, the player is considered to have skipped her turn.

The game ends when the starter pile is empty or when one player no longer has any Description Cards. Each player reveals their Team Card, and each team totals the number of cards in the hands of its players. The team with the fewest cards wins.

Fame Us comes with 240 Description Cards, 20 blank Description Cards for adding your own descriptions, eight Team Cards, an hourglass, and a rule book. It is for four to eight players.

Is It Fun?

In order to play Fame Us, you do need to have knowledge not only of who celebrities are but of their physical characteristics as well. Kids who know a lot about the pop stars, movie stars, and sports stars of today will be well-suited to play this game. The gameplay sounds easy enough, however, the more Description Cards that are laid down, the harder it gets to match a celebrity to all the descriptions. You might be thinking of one celebrity when you lay down your card, but by the time it's your turn again, the new Description Cards might not fit your celebrity anymore, so you'll have to think of someone else.

Who It’s For

Fame Us is for ages 10 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

There is also a Double Shoot Variant version of the game if you're playing with four or five players. You play with 20 Description Cards in the starter pile, and place two of those cards instead of one face-up to start the game.

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