Magic Feather Review (Wiggity Bang Games)

What It Is

In the board game Magic Feather, players enter an enchanted neighborhood where animals act like people and crazy crows try to thwart players' travels through town. Each player starts off with an animal playing piece, a magic feather, and a crow piece. Choose a Story Card and read it out loud. The Story Card tells you where to start, where to end, where to put the crow pieces and magic feathers, and what final challenge you must complete to win. Then players take turns drawing Magic Feather Cards and doing what the card instructs. Magic Feather Cards have different activities on them: true/false questions, acting out silly scenarios, sharing stories, or making another player laugh without saying a single word. Once you complete the activity on the card, you move along the game board the number of spaces printed on the card.

The stack of Magic Feather Cards also contains Crow Cards. When you draw a Crow Card, the crow pieces get to move as dictated by the Story Card. For instance, one Story Card says that if a Crow Card is drawn, that player can move a crow piece to block another player on the board. The animal pieces cannot jump over a crow piece, so if a player gets blocked, he'll have to use his turn to remove the crow piece instead of doing a Magic Feather Card.

There are eight magic feathers that will be placed throughout the game board. Players move around the game board trying to collect one magic feather before reaching the end spot.

Magic Feather comes with a game board, 200 Magic Feather Cards, six Story Cards, a 20-second timer, eight animal player pieces, eight nutty crow pieces, and eight magic feathers. The game is for two to eight players.

Is It Fun?

Magic Feather is a game that can be played by the whole family. The activities on the Magic Feather Cards stimulate imagination, get families communicating and learning new things about each other, and, in some instances, require players to get active. There is some strategy involved when it comes to moving around the game board. Players must think about which direction to move their playing piece and how to block other players if they get a Crow Card.

Who It’s For

Magic Feather is for ages 7 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Magic Feather is available in specialty toy stores.

The object of Magic Feather is to have fun and laugh. If you feel that you can't safely follow the instructions on any card, you may pick another card to play.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy