InnoTab 2 Review (VTech)

What It Is

The new InnoTab 2 is a multi-media tablet with a five-inch touch screen with motion sensor. Kids can use their fingers or one of the two included styluses to tap and swipe on the screen. Up to four users can create profiles on the InnoTab 2. It comes with 14 built-in apps and one Read, Play & Create cartridge. It is compatible with all InnoTab software, and there is a content library of more than 200 cartridges and downloadable apps to purchase.

The E-Reader app lets you read e-books you have downloaded from VTech's online Learning Lodge Navigator.

The Games app comes with one built-in motion sensor game called Face Race. Kids take a picture of themselves to use in the animated avatar. Then they must tilt the tablet left and right to balance their avatar as it attempts to cross a pool of water by walking along a tightrope.

With the Music app, you can listen to MP3 songs that you have purchased and downloaded from the Learning Lodge Navigator or songs that you have transferred from your computer.

Touch the Video Recorder icon to record video with sound, which uses the built-in microphone. Or touch the Camera icon to take photos and add fun decorations, such as frames, and effects. You must add the effects before you take the photo. With both apps, kids can rotate the camera on top of the tablet to take video and photos of friends, the sky, and themselves. You can go to the Videos and Photos apps to view all your videos and photos.

With the Art Studio app, kids can draw a picture or edit a photo using a variety of digital drawing tools and stamps.

Kids can keep track of birthdays and play dates with the Calendar app, and write notes to themselves with the Notes app.

The Friends app is where kids keep track of friends' contact information, such as phone numbers and email addresses.

Kids can perform simple math problems with the Calculator app.

Kids can set the time and date or use the stopwatch with the Clock app.

And the Settings app is where kids can edit their profile name, set a profile picture, record a greeting message, and more.

To access the cartridge content, touch the cartridge image on the home page. One e-book, What's That Noise?, is included on the cartridge. There is also one camera game, Alien Rescue, on the cartridge. In this game, players must find and rescue aliens by matching patterns. This game utilizes the camera so it looks like the aliens are appearing in kids' physical environments. The cartridge also includes Color & Pop, a digital coloring page activity.

When you connect the InnoTab 2 to the Learning Lodge Navigator using the included installation CD and USB cable, you get two download credits to buy new games, e-books, and more.

The InnoTab 2 comes with 2 GB of memory, but you can add up to 32 GB with an SD card, sold separately. A headphone jack is included, as well as a kickstand so you can set up the InnoTab 2 to use as a digital photo frame. The InnoTab 2 is available in blue or pink.

Is It Fun?

With the InnoTab 2, kids can enjoy e-books, music, photos, and more on the go, just like mom and dad do on their tablets. There are lots of activities to keep kids engaged. There is more memory than in the original InnoTab, and the rotating camera lets kids take forward or back-facing photos. However, the response time is slower than other kids' tablets on the market, which may get frustrating to older kids.

Who It’s For

The InnoTab 2 is for ages 3–9.

What To Be Aware Of

There isn't that much difference between the InnoTab 2 and the original InnoTab. We like both products, but if you already own an InnoTab, you may not feel it's necessary to upgrade to the newer version.

Four AA batteries are required but not included. An AC adaptor and rechargeable battery kit are available and sold separately.

The InnoTab 2 is compatible with both Mac and PC operating systems.

  • Fun

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  • Value

    4 AA batteries required