Reading Raven Review (Early Ascent)

What It Is

Reading Raven is a step-by-step reading guide that helps children progress from letters and sounds all the way to reading short sentences. On the main screen, there is a guide for parents. We recommend you start there. It explains 10 phonics skills that are presented over five thematic areas. When you're ready to go, press play on the main screen and choose from one of five lessons. You can start at lesson one, but it really doesn't matter where you start because the app groups together all of the phonics activities around five specific letter sounds. Some of the games include catching letters and words to match given sounds presented on the screen, a tracing activity where kids can practice letter formation, and also writing out short words. There is a fun rhyming words game where rhyming words drop from the top of the screen, and kids have to drag and drop them to the correct rhyming groups. The app also has a recording feature. As kids are blending out short words and reading sentences, they can record themselves working and play the recording back to hear how well they are reading the words.

To help kids move through all the activities, the app provides sticker rewards, which are housed in kids' treehouse within the app. The sticker rewards are more than motivation. All of the stickers reflect the vocabulary your child is working on in the app.

There's lots of customization that parents can do. With the 10 phonics activities, you can choose what is appropriate for your child. If they are working on letters and sounds, you can start at the Age 3 Letters and Sounds area, but if your child already knows his letters and sounds, you can skip over those activities to make sure he is not getting bored.

Is It Fun?

There are so many activities in this app to keep kids engaged and progressing as they practice letter sounds and reading. We like that parents can customize the app's activities based on their child's skill level, ensuring that their child doesn't get bored with the app.

Who It’s For

This app is for ages 3–6 or any child who is on the path to becoming a reader.

What To Be Aware Of

Reading Raven is $3.99 for the iPad, and $2.99 for the iPhone.

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  • Available June 8, 2012