Fruit Ninja Apptivity Review (Mattel)

What It Is

Apptivity Fruit Ninja is an app toy that unlocks a new, two-player game in the popular Fruit Ninja app game. The toy is a plastic figure of the character, Sensei, and one player will use Sensei to control the game as they try to prevent the other player from slicing the fruit flying across the screen.

Is It Fun?

The Apptivity two player game allows two people to play the game together with each player having a chance to be the Sensei and try to throw off their opponent's game.

The Sensei figure is funny looking and gives the non-scoring player a fun controller to use while their opponent tries to slice fruit

Who It’s For

The Apptivity toy and game level are slightly easier to play than the main levels which makes this a great game for kids ages four to seven. The adults in their lives will also enjoy playing this with the kids.

What To Be Aware Of

You have to download the Apptivity app plus the game's app. Both of these apps are free and you do not need to download the pay version of Fruit Ninja to play the Apptivity level.

Directions tell you to go to, which automatically redirects to your app store.

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