Beyblade Metal Fury Destroyer Dome Review (Hasbro)

What It Is

The Beyblade Metal Fury Destroyer Dome is a brand new Beyblade battling set. This new Beyarena is a clear sphere that the tops can battle inside. There are two holes at the top of the arena. Each player releases his Beyblade into the dome through one of the holes, then watches the Beyblades spin around and crash into each other. The set comes with two exclusive Beyblade Metal Fury tops, two Dome Spin Tracks, two launchers, and the Destroyer Dome Stadium. The set also includes two collector cards that can be used to battle online at

Is It Fun?

This is a cool new way to battle with Beyblade tops. Kids should know that battles can be very quick, oftentimes less than 15 seconds. If the Beyblade tops hit immediately after you launch them, one or both of them might fall immediately to the bottom of the dome. But the idea behind this set is to learn how to angle your Beyblade top when you launch it so that your Beyblade knocks down your opponent, instead of your opponent knocking down you, to win. The real fun is mastering your technique and then taking on challengers inside the dome. It adds new dimensions of strategy and skill to basic bashing/crashing battles (which are still very cool).

Who It’s For

The Beyblade Metal Fury Destroyer Dome is for ages 8 and up. This is not for the novice Beyblader. The Metal Fury Destroyer Dome is for the advanced player. You really need to know and understand how to use Beyblade. If you're not an advanced player who still wants this set, you'll need to practice because this set does have a big learning curve.

What To Be Aware Of

Assembly is required.

While we showed it on the table in the video, Hasbro recommends playing with the dome on the floor. That has a couple of advantages. First, it's more stable and second you have greater options for angling the tops as you let them fly.

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