Glitter Tattoo Party in a Box Review (Glimmer Body Art)

What It Is

Glitter Tattoo Party in a Box comes with everything you need to give yourself a temporary tattoo made of glitter. Each kit includes four tubs of body glitter, one tube of body glue, 12 self-adhesive stencils, two brushes, and an instruction/care card.

To apply, choose the desired stencil design and peel off the backing. Make sure your skin is completely clean and dry before applying the stencil. Place the stencil on your skin. Remove the top clear layer making sure the stencil remains flat on the skin. Apply a thin coat of body glue. Remove the stencil and wait until the glue becomes clear. Use the small glitter brush to apply glitter to the area with glue. Make sure to completely cover the glue with glitter. You can use one color of glitter or all four colors. Brush away excess glitter using the big glitter brush. The glitter tattoo will last up to seven days under normal conditions. (If you want the tattoo to last longer, put it on the outer arm to avoid friction with clothes.) To remove the tattoo, gently scrub the area with an alcohol swab. You can also use lotion, let it soak for five to 10 minutes, and then scrub and remove.

There are three Glitter Tattoo kits to choose from: Pop Classic, Princess + Hearts, and Blossom. Each is sold separately.

Is It Fun?

The Glitter Tattoo Party in a Box kits are fun and easy to do. It took us about 30 seconds to make a single color glitter tattoo and about one minute to do a two-color glitter tattoo. The finished result looks really cool, and it stays intact for a long time. Kids will love wearing and showing off their sparkly tattoos.

Who It’s For

The Glitter Tattoo Party in a Box is for ages 3 and up. Adult supervision is required, and younger kids will definitely need adults to put the tattoos on for them.

What To Be Aware Of

The glitter tattoos are 100-percent non-toxic and safe for the skin.

After you unscrew the lid of each glitter container, there is still a plastic cover that needs to be removed. This cover can be hard to remove, especially for younger kids. It's helpful if you have long nails so you can dig between the container and the plastic cover to lift off the cover. The plastic cover can then be discarded.

The glitter tattoos are waterproof but become weak when subjected to prolonged time in water. After swimming or taking a bath, pat dry the area. Do not scratch or scrub your glitter tattoo as friction shortens the lifespan of the tattoo. Avoid putting alcohol-based products, oil, or lotion on the area as this can weaken the tattoo.

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