Wearables The Dozer Review (Kid Constructions)

What It Is

Wearables is a collection of creative constructable toys for kids, which, as the name implies, they can wear. Featuring multiple die-cut, corrugated cardboard pieces, Wearables offers construction play that transforms into roleplay as children create, construct, and wear their creations. The Dozer kit is a cardboard bulldozer with moving pieces. The kit comes with die-cut corrugated pieces that kids and adults construct together to create the wearable bulldozer.

First, kids put their own creative touch on The Dozer by decorating each piece with crayons, markers, paint, stickers, paper cut-outs, and whatever else they want to add. Then, kids and parents work together to build the three-dimensional play structure using the included instructions. Once decorated and assembled, kids step into The Dozer, adjust the shoulder straps, and let their imaginations fly. Buckled up in The Dozer with its movable front-loading plow, kids become a construction vehicle operator. There is a second moving piece in the back.

Is It Fun?

This is a different type of vehicle play as kids pretend to be the bulldozer. With this set, kids can decorate and build the toy, then wear it and play with it. Wearables The Dozer combines construction and roleplay for creative, imaginative, and active play.

Who It’s For

The Wearables The Dozer is for ages 5 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

It took us 20-25 minutes to assemble The Dozer.

Additional Wearables products include Stunt Plane USA and Princess Carriage, which are sold separately.

Materials for coloring or decorating the construction are not included.

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