Skateboard Madness Review (Mindtwister USA)

What It Is

Skateboard Madness is a board game that is all about skateboarding. It features colorful artwork, unique gameplay and images and logos from some of the top names and brands in skateboarding today, including the X Games. The object of the game is to win the X Games Championship in skateboarding. To do this, players must pick up Trick Cards, Sponsor Cards, and Pro & Legends Cards as well as answer skateboard trivia and follow the directions on Random Cards as they roll the die and move around the skateboard-shaped gameboard.

Each player starts off with six Trick Cards. On your turn, draw a Trick Card from the pile. Then lay down a skate session (group of Trick Cards) on the table. The rules don't explicitly state how many Trick Cards you must put down to make a skate session, but all the examples in the instructions show three or more cards. Each Trick Card has a different number value. If you put down a 2, a 3, and a 1, you have a six-point skate session (2+3+1=6). Now you must roll a 6 or higher with the two black dice and the chance dice. If you roll a 6 or higher, you get to move a total of six spaces on the game board. Because your first card was a 2, move your pawn two spaces and do whatever that space tells you. Then move your pawn 3 spaces because your second card was a 3. Do whatever that space tells you. And because your last card was a 1, move your pawn one space and do whatever that space tells you. If you don't roll a 6 or higher, you still move six spaces on the game board, but you don't get to pick up or do anything along the way. When done with your turn, discard your skate session cards.

Whether you rolled a 6 or higher or not, you still must do what the chance die tells you. If you rolled a Slam, you can play a bandage token to heal an injury or pick up a Slam token. For every Slam token you have, you'll roll with one less dice on your next turn. If you rolled an Ollie, you can move across any number of Ollie Gaps spaces and over other players on your turn. If you rolled Random Card, you draw a Random Card and follow the instructions. You may have to take more or get rid of Trick Cards.

There are a variety of spaces on the game board. If you land on a blank blue circle, nothing happens.

If you land on a Trick Card space, pick up a Trick Card and add it to your hand.

A Trivia space means that another player picks a Trivia Card and asks you one of the questions on it. (There are four questions, each with a different difficulty level.) If you answer the question correctly, you earn Style Points Tokens.

If you land on Random Stuff Happens, take a Random Card and follow the instructions.

A Heal Thy Self space allows you to pick up a bandage token.

When you land on a Sponsor Card, pick up a card and place it face up on the table so everyone can see how many sponsors you have. You will also get to roll a red dice for every sponsor you have (up to four).

If you land on a Pro & Legends Card, take a Pro & Legends Card. You can use these as part of your skate sessions without having to discard them.

The Woodward Skate Camp space allows you to take one die and roll it. Whatever number you roll, that's how many Trick Cards you can add to your hand.

If you land on the Skateboard Mag space, roll one die. If you roll a 6, you can get any Sponsor Card you don't already have.

Play a bandage token if you land on the Slam space or take a Slam Token if you don't have any bandage tokens.

To win, you must go to the X Games space in the middle of the game board, lay down a 25-point skate session, and successfully roll a 25 or higher with the dice you have.

Skateboard Madness is for two to six players.

Is It Fun?

There is a lot going on in Skateboard Madness, so it might take you awhile to get the hang of playing. The instruction booklet is 15 pages long. You'll want to read through the instructions before you start playing so that you know what to do on your turn and how to move along the game board. There are also reference cards for quick reminders as you play.

Because no physical skateboarding is involved in the game, even those who don't know how to skateboard can play Skateboard Madness. However, in order to answer the trivia questions, it will be helpful to know something about skateboarding and its history.

The character pawns are cute and feature male and female animal skateboarders, and we like the unique skateboard-shaped game board. Players must think strategically in order to plan where to move on the game board and how big of a skate session to play. The game also requires players to have lots of patience as they learn how to play.

Who It’s For

Skateboard Madness is for skateboard fans ages 6 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

The game board is designed using the shape of an old school skateboard (used in the 1980s and earlier) laid over the shape of a "new school" or present-day skateboard.

The complicated rules and game play may be frustrating for some players.

"Thyself" is a compound word, but they use it as two words.

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