Roxx Skullzz Battle Game Review (Imperial Toy)

What It Is

Roxx is a new collectible head-to-head competitive game. The Roxx game pieces feature unique art in diverse themes, and kids can collect the Roxx, learn tricks with Trixx cards, and battle their friends in a variety of different ways including the Roxx Skullzz Battle Game. This game puts kids' Roxx skills to the test. The first player to get from space one to space nine on the Skullzz Play Mat wins. This involves sliding your Roxx game piece into circular game spots, drawing Trixx Cards and successfully performing those tricks, and flipping or sliding the Roxx into towers. The game also includes instructions for two more ways to play. The game can be played with two to six players.

Each Roxx Skullz Battle Game includes a 36-by-36-inch Skullzz Play Mat, three different colored target cups, six exclusive Skullzz Game Roxx, and 12 unique Trixx Cards featuring tricks with varying degrees of difficulty. Series 1 features 72 game pieces (classic, rare, and ultra rare) and a total of 42 collectible Trixx Cards. The included Collector Series Check List allows kids to keep track of their personal Roxx and Trixx Card collection.

Is It Fun?

The Roxx Skullzz Battle Game is a challenging and fun way to play with Roxx. There may be a slight learning curve to sliding, flipping, and performing tricks with the Roxx pieces, especially for kids who are new to Roxx. But learning how to do all that is part of the fun. We like that there are multiple ways to play the Roxx Skullzz Battle Game.

Who It’s For

The Roxx Skullzz Battle Game is for ages 7 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

For ideal playing conditions, use a round or square table allowing for 360-degrees of play and make sure your playing surface is flat.

Additional Roxx game pieces are sold separately.

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