Letter Stories Flashcards Review (Mead)

What It Is

Letter Stories Flashcards help kids learn and write letters. The innovative learning system characterizes letters as copycat, rolly poly, oddball, skywriter or bouncy as a way of helping kids to remember them. In addition, the dry erase cards, which come with an attached marker, let kids practice the letters, first by tracing and then by writing freehand. Each of the letters is characterized as a sky, grass or ground letter, based on where the letter fits in relation to the line on which the child is writing. For example, a small "c" is a grass letter because it stays in one plane. A small "y" is a grass and ground letter because the tail of the "y" sits below the line. A small "t" is a grass and sky letter because the top of the "t" reaches into the next plane. It's a simple system that lets kids visualize the results. And practice practice practice.

Is It Fun?

The verses on the cards are entertaining, and the practice is rewarding. Kids get a sense of accomplishment from learning to write and form letters.

Who It’s For

This is a "level 2" in the Mead system, but it's probably best for kindergarteners and first graders.

What To Be Aware Of

There are two different sets: lowercase and capital letters.

The system was developed with a pediatric occupational therapist.

Though these are designed to be self-guided, certainly for the practice, co-play with an adult will reinforce the learning and help to keep it entertaining.

  • Fun

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  • Assembly & Instructions

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