Puzzle Pouch Review (Geo Toys)

What It Is

Puzzle Pouch USA is a soft, portable jigsaw puzzle. This puzzle is a smaller version of Geo Toys' USA/Canada GeoPuzzle, which helps kids learn about geography. Each 36-piece puzzle includes a print-out to help kids put the puzzles together at home or on the road. The names of each state or province are clearly printed on the puzzle. Once pieced together the puzzle is nine inches long by nine inches wide. When you are finished with the puzzle, it easily zips back up inside the pouch.

Is It Fun?

Puzzle Pouch is a fun way to help teach kids the names and relative positions of the 50 states and Canadian provinces. This can also be a good travel toy for families on the road and serve as a way for kids to learn the different states they travel through.

Who It’s For

The puzzle was not age graded, however we recommend it for kids ages 6 and up. It is also a good tool for kids in elementary school that are just starting to learn the 50 states.

What To Be Aware Of

The puzzle pieces lock together, however you can't move the puzzle around too much or it will fall apart. We suggest putting it together on a hard surface.

State capitals are not depicted on the map.

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