Elephant Ball Pit Review (PlayWow)

What It Is

The Elephant Ball Pit from PlayWow is an inflatable vinyl ball pit. This pit includes 20 soft colorful play balls and two inflatable rings that kids can throw onto the elephant's trunk. Once inflated, the ball pit is about 3.5 feet long by four feet wide by 2.25 feet tall. It is for indoor and outdoor use.

Is It Fun?

Kids love ball pits. They enjoy the sensations of lying in a pool-like toy without actually being in water. The bonus ring toss feature also makes it a great toy to use with a friend.

Who It’s For

The Elephant Ball Pit is for ages 3 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

The ball pit does not come inflated. It takes about 15 minutes to inflate with an electric pump. Do not try to inflate it using your mouth or with a hand pump.

Although the packaging depicts a filled ball pit, the included 20 balls are certainly not enough to fill the pit. If you want to give kids a true ball pit experience and avoid disappointment, you'll need to purchase about 60 additional balls.

If you use the ball pit outside, make sure to use it on a soft, grassy surface.

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