Flag Frenzy Review (Geo Toys)

What It Is

In Flag Frenzy from Geo Toys, players divide the cards equally between two to six players and race to match flags from different countries around the world. Each of the 49 playing cards features eight flags, and every card has one flag in common with every other card. Players can also use a continent card to match a flag to one of the continents countries. The goal is to find the matching flags before your opponents. Match all your cards first and win the game. An included world map shows all the flags and where each country is located.

Is It Fun?

The fast-pace of the game, and the challenge of finding matches quickly in this race game is classic fun. Adding the flags of the world as the theme exposes kids to the wide variety of national flags in the world in a fun context.

Since many of the flags are similar, players have to watch each other as they play to make sure cards aren't mis-played.

Who It’s For

Flag Frenzy is for ages 6 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Many flags use similar patterns and colors, so the game requires a lot of concentration to correctly match the flags on the cards. This can make the game frustrating at times, particularly for new players.

For younger players, you may want to change the rules a little bit to avoid frustration. For example, players can take turns with a time limit, to help kids develop their observation and matching skills.

The similarities between some of the flags are a great way for kids to develop visual discrimination skills.

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  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy