Wits & Wagers Party Edition Review (North Star Games)

What It Is

North Star Games' Wits & Wagers Party adds a level of betting to a variety of trivia questions. The best part of it is that you don't necessarily have to know the answers to play.

Players start by breaking off into teams of one to three players. Each team gets a dry-erase board and color-matching betting chips.

Each team designates a questioner to draw a question to read aloud on its turn. Once a question is read, teams then write their answer on their dry-erase boards and place it face down on the table. All the questions have numeric answers. When every team has submitted their response, flip over the boards and order the responses from the highest to the lowest numbered guess.

Similar to The Price is Right, teams will then wager a guess on which answer is closest to the actual cost without going over the actual amount. Teams can place their wager chips on their own guess or on two different guesses. The teams that correctly guess closest to the actual number earn chips. That way, teams can earn chips for having the correct answer or by betting on another team's response.

As the game moves forward, teams can also use poker chips to increase their wagers. The game can be played in as many rounds as teams chose to play. Whichever team has the most chips at the end of the game wins.

Each game includes seven dry-erase boards, six dry-erase markers, 14 betting chips, 25 poker chips, and 125 cards. The game is for four to 20 players and can be played with a maximum of six teams.

Is It Fun?

This is a party game that gets people interacting and talking. Plus, you can play with as many as 20 people, so it's great for party play. Since the gameplay is all about guessing and then betting on guesses, players don't have to be pressured to know the answers, but can add a level of strategy to the game play.

Who It’s For

Wits & Wagers Party Edition is for ages 8 and up.

This is decidedly a family game, and it will most likely appeal to older/adult players.

What To Be Aware Of

Although the questions may seem complex at times, no advanced knowledge is necessary to play and only require a simple guess.

Parents can team up with younger children so every family member can be involved in guessing and wagering on answers to the wacky questions.

There are Wits & Wagers versions that appeal specifically to younger players.

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