My Nature Pals Mobile Review (Tiny Love)

What It Is

My Nature Pals Mobile is a crib mobile with soft lights and soothing music. It features a variety of illumination options and a selection of melodies with a nature-inspired design. Parents attach the mobile to a crib by following the instructions to ensure that the mobile is safely and securely attached. Once attached, parents can choose from three different options. The mobile can play music while the three hanging animal toys spin. The mobile can play music and have a light on with no spinning. Or the mobile can spin, play music, and light up. There are nine different tunes in three music categories: classic, lullaby, and nature. The mobile will play 30 minutes of non-repetitive music. My Nature Pals Mobile has six volume levels. The mobile arm can be removed, and the music box can remain attached to the crib to play music and light up for slightly older babies.

Why Is It Useful?

With its lights, music, and bright colors, My Nature Pals Mobile will stimulate babies' senses by day and lull them gently to sleep at night. Parents will like that the mobile grows with the child by easily converting into a crib-side music box and nightlight.

Who It’s For

My Nature Pals Mobile is for ages birth to 5 months. Remove the mobile portion from the crib or play pen when the baby begins to push up on his hands and knees.

What To Be Aware Of

It took us 10 minutes to assemble this mobile. The instructions were very easy to follow.

Three C batteries are required but not included.

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  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy

    3 C batteries required