Nenuco Runny Nose Review (Famosa)

What It Is

Nenuco Runny Nose is a baby doll with a runny nose. When the 16.5-inch doll gets a cold, little bubbles run out of its nose. Kids can then wipe them away with a tissue. To make the doll's nose run, fill up the sippy cup with water, then feed the water to the doll. Gently press the doll's left wrist to make the water come out of the doll's nose. Pressing too hard will cause the water to shoot out at you. Use the included tissues to wipe away the water. Nenuco Runny Nose comes dressed in a winter outfit and includes a sippy cup and box of tissues.

Is It Fun?

Baby dolls are all about letting kids take care of the dolls just like real moms. And Nenuco Runny Nose lets kids take care of a "sick" doll just like their moms take care of them when they are sick. This is a unique way to engage kids in more realistic, nurturing baby doll play.

Who It’s For

Nenuco Runny Nose is for ages 4 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Because this doll involves the use of water, make sure you're playing in an area where it's okay to get a little wet.

It's helpful to keep the lid on the sippy cup when not in use, otherwise water will drip out.

  • Fun

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  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy