Monster High Create-A-Monster Design Lab Review (Mattel)

What It Is

Monster High fans can design their very own monster creations with the Monster High Create-A-Monster Design Lab. Build a Monster High ghoul by selecting a torso, set of limbs, and head. Place the monster parts in the Design Lab and apply any of the desired face and body tattoos directly to the monster. Tattoos range from eyes with spider web-inspired makeup to stitches and more. It comes with more than 100 tattoos, an applicator brush, a full doll body, a fashion, and a wig. The Design Lab has a built-in storage drawer for storing the tattoos and applicator brush.

To apply the tattoos, fill the Design Lab with water, and press the button to pump water until the sponge in the applicator is completely wet. Choose what body part you want to tattoo and place it into the appropriate tray in the Design Lab. Choose a tattoo for that body part by matching the body part's code to the code on the tattoo sheet. Attach the desired tattoo to the applicator. Move the applicator into place so that it is above the body part you want to tattoo. Press the applicator onto the body part. Keep pressing until the LED lights stop flashing (about 40 seconds). Excess water will be released. Lift up the applicator and gently wipe the image with a moist sponge tip for best effect.

Kids can also apply the tattoos to the doll manually by soaking the applicator brush in water and pressing down on the tattoo.

To remove the tattoos, use warm soapy water or baby oil and a dishwashing scrub pad or sponge. Saturate the tattooed area for 30 seconds, then use the included plastic brush to loosen the tattoo. Rub away the tattoo with a scrub sponge and wipe clean. You may have to repeat the process several times until the tattoo is completely removed. Make sure the doll parts are dry before applying new tattoos.

Is It Fun?

With the Monster High Create-A-Monster Design Lab, kids have endless combinations to concoct their own perfectly imperfect Monster High ghoul. It may take a few tries to get the tattoo application right. The instructions are fairly easy to follow, but executing it is a different story. Some of our tattoos didn't line up right on the body part, but that just adds to the ghoulish nature of our creation. And because kids can remove the tattoos, they can easily create a new tattooed ghoul.

Who It’s For

The Create-A-Monster Design Lab is for Monster High fans ages 6 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Three button cell batteries are included, but they are for demonstration purposes only. Mattel recommends replacing them for best results.

Other body parts can be purchased in Create-A-Monster kits, which are sold separately.

The Create-A-Monster Design Lab is kind of messy. Cover your work surface or make sure you're playing in an area where it's okay to get wet. Before storing, dump out the water.

The tattoos are intended to be used on the doll only. Do not apply them to skin.

  • Fun

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  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy

    3 Cell batteries required