Cogsley Review (VTech)

What It Is

Cogsley is an interactive, educational robot toy that comes with a set of 30 chips: 26 letter chips and four special chips. The chips can be dropped into Cogsley's nose slot. Kids turn the nose and the chip will fall down inside Cogsley, and Cogsley will recognize the chip and respond. Cogsley has six modes of play. In Explore It mode, kids put any of the letter chips into Cogsley's nose to hear letters and words. Or kids can put one of the four special chips into Cogsley's nose to watch the robot sing, play, exercise, or say foreign phrases. In Charge Me Up mode, Cogsley will say how many chips he wants to eat and kids must put that number of chips into Cogsley's nose one at a time. When kids feed Cogsley the letter chips in Super Speller mode, they can twist Cogsley's ear to hear him spell the word. Cogsley will give instructions in Follow Along mode, and kids must turn the ears and eyes in the correct order. In Robot Rock mode, Cogsley will give instructions, and kids can clap their hands to make the robot dance. In Cogsley's Quiz mode, Cogsley will ask a question and kids must answer by inserting the correct letter chip or twisting Cogsley's ear until the correct answer appears on the robot's screen. At any time during the play, kids can twist Cogsley's ears and eyes, and Cogsley will respond with funny phrases.

After three to five chips have been inserted into Cogsley, the robot will automatically open its secret door and release the chips. Use the backpack as a storage space for the chips. The backpack can be attached to the back of Cogsley and removed to allow kids access to the chips during play.

Is It Fun?

Cogsley is a fun and interactive way to introduce preschoolers to following directions, colors, counting, letters, and more. Preschoolers will enjoy watching Cogsley move and respond to things that the child does. With multiple ways to play, Cogsley keeps children engaged and stimulated.

Who It’s For

Cogsley is for ages 3–6. Younger kids will like manipulating the robot, but the design and curriculum will keep kids engaged up to their early reading days.

What To Be Aware Of

Four AA batteries are included, but these power the in-store try-me features. VTech recommends replacing them before you play for best results.

There are three volume settings. When it moves, the toy makes a loud mechanical noise that overpowers Cogsley's phrases when in the lowest volume setting. You'll probably want to keep it in the second or third volume setting so that you can hear Cogsley over the mechanical noise.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Value

    4 AA batteries required