Sit-to-Race Smart Wheels Review (VTech)

What It Is

The Sit-to-Race Smart Wheels is a ride-on toy that grows with children and offers many ways to play. For babies 6–12 months, the dashboard activity panel can be removed from the ride-on and used for floor play. The panel is where children select what play mode they want: learning mode or discovery mode. Press the horn button to hear horn sounds and see lights flash. Twist the knob to hear engine sounds and see lights. Press the four number buttons to hear phrases about numbers, objects, and places. The lights will flash with the sounds.

For ages 12–24 months, the ride-on can be a rocker. Attach the dashboard panel, and kids can play with the dashboard panel as they rock. Rocking also activates sounds, music, and lights.

For ages 24–36 months, parents can convert it from rocker to ride-on by flipping up the bottom of the rocker to turn it into a push handle for parents. Whenever the ride-on moves, kids will hear music and sounds and see lights flash. They can still play with the dashboard panel as they ride.

Is It Fun?

Young children will like rocking and riding on this car-themed ride-on. Riding and playing on the Sit-to-Race Smart Wheels helps children with both gross and fine motor skills, and it's an interactive way to introduce young kids to numbers.

Who It’s For

The Sit-to-Race Smart Wheels is for ages 6–36 months. The maximum weight is 42 pounds.

What To Be Aware Of

Two AA batteries are included, but these are for in-store try-me purposes. VTech recommends replacing them before you play for best results.

Assembly is required.

It is really difficult to remove the dashboard panel once it's been attached to the ride-on body. If you want to use it as a floor play toy for a child, don't attach it to the ride-on until your child is ready to use the Sit-to-Race Smart Wheels as a rocker or ride-on. The conversion from rocker to ride-on is much easier.

Children should always be supervised when on a ride-on.

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    2 AA batteries required