Kiwi Crate Review (Kiwi Crate)

What It Is

With Kiwi Crate, kids receive new creative and hands-on activities every month. Parents sign up for a monthly subscription ($19.95 per month) at, and each month a crate filled with materials and inspiration will arrive on your doorstep. Each Kiwi Crate features at least two themed activities that kids can put together themselves and then play with. In the Dinosaurs Crate, kids design their own dinosaur feet for stomping around and create fossils using special clay, sticks, and dinosaurs figures. The Gardening Crate comes with everything kids need to plant, grow, and observe beans and squash. They can also create a pot and flowers using clay and markers. With the Medieval Fun Crate, kids make their own catapult, banner, mask, and hat. For each project, Kiwi Crate rates how messy it will be and how much adult help a child will need to complete the projects. (For the medieval dress-up items, both the messiness and grown-up involvement levels are high.) Additional projects, online resources, and more for each crate can be found at

There are also Kiwi Crate Party Packs ($5–$12), which are mini versions of the crates that can be used as party favors. Each comes with one hands-on activity, such as creating your own comet out of fabric, star stickers, ribbon, and a ball. Parents can pick a crate color so that it matches the décor of the party. Party Packs are sold in quantities of six or more.

Is It Fun?

Kiwi Crate is a unique way to spark kids' creativity every month. The crates come with all the materials and inspiration kids need to make and play with their own toys. Kids will love the surprise of opening the crate and seeing what's inside, then getting down to work building, decorating, exploring, and imagining.

Who It’s For

Kiwi Crate kits are for ages 3–7.

What To Be Aware Of

The $19.95 per month covers one crate. The company says that the materials in one crate are for one child, but many crates can accommodate two children. However, parents can add extra materials to a crate for a sibling for an additional $7.95 per month or order an additional crate for $19.95 per month so that each child has his or her own package to open each month.

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  • Assembly & Instructions

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