Power Rangers Super Samurai Samuraizer Switch Review (Pressman Toy)

What It Is

In Power Rangers Super Samurai Samuraizer Switch, players must collect three Nighlok cards and be the first player to win the mega battle with Xandred.

To start, load the Nighlok cards into the Samuraizer, and then place the Samuraizer and the Kanji tokens in the center of the board. Place the Xandred card in the card stand and put it on the Xandred space on the game board. Each player selects a Power Ranger pawn and places it on start. Then players take turns rolling the die and moving however many spaces they roll.

If you land on a blank space, simply wait there until your next turn. If you land on a Take a Kanji Token space, take the token that is on top of the stack. When you battle a Nighlok later, you can trade in a token for another chance to defeat it. If you land on a Gap Sensor space, you get to battle the Nighlok that is shown in the Samuraizer.

Here's how to battle: The Nighlok card shows what mode your Power Ranger pawn must be in. Turn your Power Ranger pawn until it shows the correct mode (either civilian, ranger, or armed ranger). Insert your pawn into the Samuraizer and press down on the spin button. If the pawn stops at the original mode, you win the battle. (So if your pawn needed to be in civilian mode, and it landed in civilian mode after you pressed the spin button, you win.) Take the Nighlok card from the Samuraizer and place it near you. If your mover lands on the wrong mode, you can either turn in a Kanji token (if you have one) to try again or your turn ends.

There is also a Xandred space on the game board. You can only land on this space when you have won three Nighlok cards. If you have less than three Nighlok cards when you approach the space, continue on to the main track of the game board. If you do have three cards and land on Xandred's space, move Xandred to the middle of the game board. The player inserts his Power Ranger pawn into the Samuraizer and tries to spin the three different modes in a row. If the same mode is spun twice, hand in a Kanji token for an extra spin. If you don't have a Kanji token, put Xandred back on his space and put your pawn on start.

The game includes a Samuraizer, a game board, five Power Rangers pawns, 20 Nighlok cards, a Xandred card, a card stand, 15 Kanji tokens, a game die, and rules. It is for two to five players.

Is It Fun?

If your child is a fan of the Power Rangers Samurai TV series, he or she will enjoy battling the villains like the characters in the show. Because the battles with the Nighloks and Xandred rely on the luck of the draw, or spin in this game, there's no skill involved in playing. This makes the battles not as exciting as kids might be expecting. But when kids aren't playing the game, they can take the Samuraizer and Nighlok cards and use them in Power Rangers roleplay scenarios, creating their own battles that are as action-packed as their imaginations can create.

Who It’s For

Power Rangers Super Samurai Samuraizer Switch is for Power Rangers fans ages 6 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

It can be difficult to change the mode on the pawns so kids might need help from a parent.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy