RoseArt Red Line Review (RoseArt)

What It Is

The RoseArt Red line of art materials has a brand new look for this back-to-school season. The line includes a variety of colored pencils, crayons, markers, and chalk.

The 16-count box of Neon & Metallic Crayons are non-toxic wax crayons that feature Smooth Draw technology that leaves velvety rich finishes of bold neon and metallic colors. The 16-count box retails for $0.99.

There are also Neon & Metallic Colored Pencils. The pack of 12 colored pencils are pre-sharpened and built with durability so they won't break if your child writes with too much pressure. A pack of the Neon & Metallic Colored Pencils retails for $3.99.

The RoseArt Red line also includes regular colored pencils in both a 12-count box and 24-count box. These colored pencils are pre-sharpened and durable so they won't break if your child writes too hard. The 12-count box is $1.49 and the 24-count box is $2.99.

The Neon & Metallic Markers feature vibrant colors that won't bleed through your page. One pack includes 12 markers that draw thick lines and can color in large areas. The markers retails for $3.99.

For outdoor play, the Glitter Sidewalk Chalk comes with six pieces of jumbo brightly colored chalk. Each piece of chalk contains glitter and can be used on a chalkboard, on cardboard, or on sidewalks. It easily washes from skin and clothing with water. The Glitter Sidewalk Chalk retails for $1.99.

Is It Fun?

The RoseArt Red products offer kids many ways to use color and get creative. Whether at home or in the classroom, outside or inside, there are multiple products for engaging kids in creative play.

Who It’s For

The RoseArt Red products are for ages 3 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Make sure you follow all washing and care instructions located on the back of each package.

There are a variety of other RoseArt Red markers, crayons, and colored pencils, each sold separately.