Back to School Arts & Crafts Supplies Review (Alex)

What It Is

Preschoolers can make works of art with the 30 Finger Crayons set. This collection of 30 brightly colored crayons are sized for little hands, allowing children to hold the crayons in their palm or place them on their fingertips. The crayons can also be stacked. 30 Finger Crayons retails for $16.95.

A student can decorate his or her own school bag with Color A Peace Bag. The 14-inch by 11-inch by four-inch bag is big enough for school books and binders. It includes six permanent markers in a luggage tag pouch. It retails for $32.95.

My Art Pad contains 32 sheets of heavyweight construction paper in eight colors and 80 sheets of white doodle paper for drawing and coloring. Kids can use it at home or on the go. It retails for $5.95.

Dot to Dot Markers to Go is an assortment of 50 colorful markers. Zippered components keep 28 fine tip markers, 14 brush tip markers, and eight broad tip markers organized. It retails for $27.95.

The Super Art Studio comes with 150 pieces for kids to get creative. Inside the aluminum space are 36 markers, 24 crayons, 24 oil pastels, 24 colored pencils, 12 water color cakes, scissors, a sharpener, water glue, a stapler, a ruler, an eraser, craft glue, a pencil, a brush, and 20 paper clips. It retails for $72.95.

Is It Fun?

These are high quality, easy-to-use arts and crafts items that kids will enjoy using for their good coloring and, of course, the wide variety of options. Given the amount of stuff that comes with each set, these are a good value as well.

Who It’s For

30 Finger Crayons is for ages 2 and up.

Color A Peace Bag is for ages 7 and up.

My Art Pad is for ages 3 and up.

Dot to Dot Markers is for ages 3 and up.

The Super Art Studio is for ages 4 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

For the Color A Peace Bag, it is recommended that you start decorating the top of the bag and work your way down to the bottom to avoid smearing the marker with your hands. The markers are permanent and will not wash out of certain fabrics and surfaces.