Locker Rockers Review (The Wish Factory)

What It Is

Locker Rockers products let kids decorate their school lockers and show off their personal style. There are four themes: Glam Rock, Beach Crush, Bohemian Spirit, and Scribbles Beat.

Products include Locker Rockers Lamps. These motion-sensor lamps have LED lights that turn on when you open the locker and turn off when you close the locker. The lamps attach to any school locker with magnets. The lamps retail for $19.99 each.

The Locker Rockers Mirrors adhere anywhere in a locker thanks to magnets. The mirrors come in all four themes. Each retails for $9.99.

Each pack of Locker Rockers Wallpaper comes with 20 magnets to adhere the wallpaper to the inside of the locker. The wallpaper is pre-cut for easy installation. A wallpaper pack retails for $19.99.

The Locker Rockers Dry Erase Boards are a place where kids can write notes to themselves. Each board comes with a dry-erase pen. The board hangs in the locker via magnets. Each Dry Erase Board retails for $6.99.

There is an assortment of Locker Rockers Magnets. Each pack comes with five magnets so kids can organize, accessorize, and stylize their lockers by hanging photos, notes, and more. Each magnet pack retails for $4.99.

The Locker Rockers Headset Hanger keeps headphones from getting tangled up. It adheres to the inside of the locker with a magnet and has hooks for hanging earbuds and headphones. The Headset Hangers retail for $9.99 each.

The Locker Rocker Shelf creates more space inside a locker. It fits most standard-sized lockers and comes in all four Locker Rocker themes. It is easy to assemble. Each shelf is $9.99.

With the Locker Rockers Shaggy Rug, kids can complete their Locker Rockers look. The rugs are available in four themes to match the wallpaper and accessories. Each rug retails for $9.99.

Is It Fun?

Locker Rockers features decorative and functional items that help kids stay organized in a fashionable way. Kids will like decorating their lockers to reflect their personal style.

Who It’s For

Locker Rockers is for ages 10 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

The lamp includes three AAA batteries, but these power the in-store try-me feature. It is recommended that you replace these batteries for best results.

    3 AAA batteries required