LockerLookz Review (LockerLookz)

What It Is

LockerLookz is a way for kids to personalize and decorate their lockers. The product line includes everything from wallpapers, bins, white boards, light fixtures, carpets, clocks, curtains, and valances. The new 2012 collection features bold colors and designs. Each item can easily be mixed and matched.

There are eight new wallpaper designs: black/white houndstooth, pink flower scroll, purple zebra, lime/white dots, aqua zebra, aqua/lime leopard, pink damask, and black/white damask. The wallpapers fit most standard-sized school lockers and are pre-cut into four easy-to-install panels. Each wallpaper comes with 20 magnets and retails for $22.99.

The shag rugs come in five colors: pink, aqua, lime green, purple, and black. Each has a non-skid backing to keep it in place. The rugs retail for $10.99 each.

Kids can accessorize with four flowers: pink, aqua, lime green, and purple. The fabric flowers install using magnets and retail for $7.99.

There are six styles of bins in pink, purple, lime green, aqua, and black and white. Two bins come in a package. Each installs using magnets. Each bins two-pack retail for $13.99.

Kids can write themselves notes on one of five different white boards: pink scroll, white/purple scroll, aqua/lime bubbles, black/white polka dots, and black/white scroll. Each board comes with a dry-erase marker. The boards install using magnets. Each retails for $10.99.

Check your looks in one of six colorful mirrors: pink polka dot, purple polka dot, lime zebra stripes, aqua houndstooth, black/white zebra, black/white houndstooth. The mirrors attach to the inside of a locker door using magnets. Each retails for $7.99.

There are five clocks in designs from pink houndstooth and purple/black leopard to aqua/lime bubbles. Use magnets to install the clocks. Each clock retails for $13.99.

There are four curtains: white/black scroll, purple/black leopard, white/aqua scroll, white/lime dots. Each one retails for $10.99.

There are also four valance designs: white/black dots, pink/white dots, aqua/white dots, white/black damask. Each retails for $10.99.

Kids can also hang chandeliers from their lockers, choosing from four designs in black, white, pink, and aqua. The light fixture has a motion sensor, so when your kid opens her locker, the chandelier turns on. Close the door, and it turns off. Each chandelier measure five inches in diameter and retails for $25.99.

For extra magnets, there are five sets of one magnetic fabric bow with a jeweled key in aqua/white dots, pink houndstooth, purple/black leopard, lime/white damask, white/black zebra. Each bow and key magnet set retails for $10.99.

Is It Fun?

LockerLookz adds some style to an otherwise ordinary locker. Kids will like decorating their lockers to reflect their personal style. While most of the items are simply decoration, some items (clock, bins, white boards) also help kids stay organized and on time but in a fashionable way.

Who It’s For

LockerLookz products are for ages 8–14.

What To Be Aware Of

The chandeliers require three AAA batteries, which are not included. A battery is included with the clocks.