Lalaloopsy Folders & Notebooks Review (Mead)

What It Is

Lalaloopsy fans can bring their favorite "sew cute" dolls to school with them thanks to an assortment of Lalaloopsy Folders and Notebooks from Mead.

There are six styles of Lalaloopsy Notebooks, featuring some of the most popular Lalaloopsy characters, such as Jewel Sparkles and Crumbs Sugar Cookie. Each notebook is 10.5 by eight inches with 60 perforated, wide-ruled pages. Each notebook retails for about $2.99.

There are also six styles of Lalaloopsy Folders. Each folder has two pockets and punch-out holes along the left side so the folder can be placed in a three-ring binder. Each folder is sold separately and retails for $1.49.

Is It Fun?

Fans of Lalaloopsy will enjoy collecting all the notebooks and folders or choosing only the styles that appeal to them. These are functional notebooks and folders that also feature kids' favorite Lalaloopsy characters.

Who It’s For

Lalaloopsy Folders and Notebooks are not age-graded, but the target audience for Lalaloopsy dolls is ages 4 and up. Those will be the kids who are most interested in using these items at school.

What To Be Aware Of

The Lalaloopsy Folders and Notebooks are available exclusively at Toys "R" Us.

Mead is also making notebooks and folders for Angry Birds and Justin Bieber. Each is sold separately.