Zombie Burbz Review (AppGear)

What It Is

Zombie Burbz is an app game for iPad and Android Tablets that uses toy figures to control the action in the game. Each playable zombie figure unlocks a character-specific area with multiple levels for you to play through as you fend off gangs of humans trying to drive you from your home.

Is It Fun?

Before each level begins, you place traps to slow the oncoming humans. The traps range from a simple banana peel to more elaborate items like trap-door. As you progress through levels you unlock more traps.

Once the traps are placed, you start the level and get ready to fight any humans that make it past your traps. Since you are a zombie and the walking-dead rarely have a lot of dexterity, your weapons are shouts and toxic burp clouds.

Who It’s For

Kids (and adults) who are into zombies and fart-jokes will get a kick out of this game and since the majority of the game involves turning the figure and pressing a few buttons, kids as young as six should have no problem playing.

What To Be Aware Of

The zombie figures are sold in a pack of four, however, only one of them is a playable, "Deluxe" figure. The other three are collectibles only.

The figures are highly sensitive and you need to maintain constant pressure on your tablet surface. Even when maintaining pressure, my game frequently asked me to place the figure back on the tablet even though it hadn't been moved.

Zombie Burbz is available for iPad and Android tablets, however, when I tried to play this on my 7" Android tablet, the game would not recognize the figure and was completely unplayable.

The game is a free download but you need the figures to play. The four-pack of figures costs $9.99.

This is a classic "Tower Defense" type of game.

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  • Zombie Burbz from AppGear
  • Rated E
  • Available on: Android and iOS
  • Available March 31, 2012