Fibber Review (Spin Master)

What It Is

Fibber is a game that's all about stretching the truth—and your nose. To play, each person puts on a pair of glasses. One player shuffles all the cards and deals them out evenly to each player. With the game mat in the center of the playing space, take the silver nose piece and put it on the Bigfoot space on the game mat. Other spaces include a ghost, alien, witch, and dragon.

If you're the first player, you must lay down however many Bigfoot cards you have in your hand. But, they don't all have to be Bigfoot cards. If you have Bigfoot cards, discard one or more of them face down. If you don't have Bigfoot cards or you want to get rid of other cards along with your Bigfoot card, discard those cards face down. Any other player can call "Fibber!" on you if they don't believe the cards you've played are Bigfoot cards. If you are fibbing, you must take a nose from the table and add it to your glasses. Then take all the cards from the discard pile and add them to your hand. If you are not fibbing, show the cards you played, and the player who accused you must add a nose to his glasses and take all the cards from the discard pile. After this turn, the silver nose moves to the next space on the game mat, and it's the next player's turn to discard.

There are some ways to change up the gameplay. There are wild cards that can be played in place of any other card. Also, if you get rid of all the cards in your hand, you get to remove all the noses from your glasses. Collect and shuffle the cards from all players, then deal them out as in the beginning of the game. Play continues with the player to your left, starting again with Bigfoot.

The silver nose is the last nose to be placed onto someone's glasses. When the silver nose is removed from the game mat, the game ends. The player with the shortest nose wins. If there is a tie, the player with the least amount of cards wins.

Fibber comes with four eyeglasses, 11 noses, a game mat, and 24 cards (four Bigfoot, four witch, four dragon, four ghost, four alien, and four wild). The game is for three to four players.

Is It Fun?

Fibber is an easy-to-play game for the whole family. Kids, and adults, will love wearing the glasses and getting silly making their noses grow. Just make sure you've got your poker face on underneath those glasses, otherwise you might get caught fibbing.

Who It’s For

Fibber is for ages 7 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

The game also comes with a set of "easy rules" for younger players.

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