The Sci or Fi Files Review (Educational Insights)

What It Is

The Sci or Fi Files is a game that tests your knowledge of science truths. Players take turns reading three purproted facts from categories such as Earth and Space, Life Science, Physical Science, and Unclassified. But there's a twist: some of the statements really are facts, and some are false. Everyone guesses which fact is true and which statement is false. Turn the card over to find out and read an explanation about each fact or false statement. Some cards also ask players to list three things, such as "List 3 things found in space." If a player answers correctly, he receives a score chip for the question's category. Collect one score chip from each category to win. The game comes with 200 playing cards, four category divider cards, 18 answer cards, 32 score chips, and instructions. It is for two to six players.

Is It Fun?

The Sci or Fi Files is a very interesting game that will probably have you discovering things you never knew—or challenging things you thought were true—as you play. The game packaging is also fun because the box resembles a filing cabinet, and you pull the card holder out of the box as though it was a drawer. Kids with an interest in science will be the ones who enjoy this game the most.

This is also a game that can spark conversation among players, and that's always a good thing with a game.

Who It’s For

The Sci or Fi Files is for ages 10 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

The Sci of Fi Files is available at Barnes & Noble stores and specialty toy stores.

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  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy