Lunchbox Love Review (Say Please)

What It Is

Leaving a note (or picture or joke) in your child's lunchbox is nothing new. But Lunchbox Love is a new take on the classic lunchbox note. Lunchbox Love offers pre-printed notes to give busy parents a way to share positive feelings and values with their kids. Each pack of Lunchbox Love for Kids comes with 12 double-sided cards. Ten cards have different phrases on one side and fun facts on the back. Phrases include "You have been so independent lately. I'm really proud of you" or "Thanks for helping me." Fun facts include "China is one of the world's largest producers of garlic." There are also two cards with a fun fact on one side and the other side blank so that parents can write their own message. The cards come in a credit card-sized plastic storage case that fits into a pocket, purse, or on a countertop, making it easy to grab and give. There are 32 volumes of Lunchbox Love for Kids plus Lunchbox Love for Camp, Lunchbox Love for Valentine's Day, Lunchbox Love for Halloween, Lunchbox Love for Thanksgiving, Lunchbox Love for Birthday Boys, and Lunchbox Love for Birthday Girls packs. Each pack is sold separately.

Is It Fun?

The Lunchbox Love cards are easy for parents to place inside a child's lunchbox, backpack, and even on a child's pillow. All of the phrases are positive and help parents share encouragement and let their kids know they are thinking of them. The option to personalize two cards in each pack keeps the classic handwritten note, on which Lunchbox Love is based, alive.

Who It’s For

Lunchbox Love is intended for kids from pre-kindergarten through about 5th grade. Once kids get older, they probably won't think a lunchbox note from mom is very cool. Some of the fun facts contain words that younger kids might not know. We think a sweet spot for Lunchbox Love is kids 6–8.

What To Be Aware Of

We're not sure what kids will do with these after taking them out of their lunchbox and reading them. Some kids might bring them home to ask questions about and keep the fun facts. Other kids might give them to a friend or throw them away. Some parents may not mind paying $3 for something that will only get used once, while other parents may decide that creating their own lunchbox notes for their kids is more cost-effective—and much more personal. We're not so sold on outsourcing communicating with your kids.