ZapCapz Review (Diggin Active)

What It Is

ZapCapz are trick "capz" (or plastic discs) that jump into the air when struck. The object of the ZapCapz game is to get the ZapCapz to land on the stairs. Take a capz and flip back the top to set the spring mechanism. Then take a Striker Capz and slide it into the capz. Upon impact, the capz will pop up and land on the stairs. Each stair level has a different point value (one, two, and three points), and players can try to knock over the Y-mi figure for extra points. The game set includes three retractable steps for performing tricks and storing capz, six ZapCapz, and two Striker Capz.

Is It Fun?

This game of skill looks simple, but it's actually rather difficult. Even when we were able to land capz on the stairs, the capz just hit the stairs and fell off. Learning how to play ZapCapz takes time, so kids will need to be patient.

Who It’s For

ZapCapz is for ages 6 and up, although it doesn't say that anywhere on the game box. We had to look it up on the Diggin Active website. We think that with the level of skill and patience needed to play this game, 8 and up is a more appropriate age.

What To Be Aware Of

Additional ZapCapz are sold separately.

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