The Amazing Spider-Man Velv-its Posters Review (Funky Planet)

What It Is

Each package of The Amazing Spider-Man Velv-its Posters comes with a jumbo 14-inch by 16-inch shaped poster that's been cut in a dramatic shape and a smaller six-inch by eight-inch poster. Each poster has white areas outlined by black velvet. The white areas are where kids use the included four markers to color.

Is It Fun?

Conceptually, this should appeal to fans of Spider-Man who will like being able to color two different posters of their favorite superhero. However because the colors are too light, the end result doesn't really look like the Spider-Man kids know and love, so kids may be disappointed. Part of the fun of this kind of toy is making and displaying, but if the end result doesn't look right, kids may not want to display it, and that's not fun.

Who It’s For

The Amazing Spider-Man Velv-its Posters are for Spider-Man fans ages 5 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

The colors on the package are very rich and deep. However, the colors on our finished poster, even after three coats, were much lighter.

This might be frustrating to kids who want Spider-Man to look as he does in the movies and comics and makes the overall experience less fun for them.

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