The Adventures of Zylie the Bear Zylie & Shen Review (Arete LLC)

What It Is

The Adventures of Zylie the Bear is a new line of 18-inch teddy bear dolls featuring Zylie and her friend Shen. Zylie is a 12-year-old bear from New York City. The bear comes dressed in skinny jeans, a flounce top, and cream-colored swing jacket. Zylie also carries an orange bag that holds a diary, world map, and passport. Shen is a panda bear from China. The bear comes dressed in a leather jacket, green T-shirt, and cargo pants. Shen also carries a backpack filled with a passport and drum sticks. Each bear comes with an illustrated storybook. Zylie's book, The Adventures of Zylie the Bear: New York, introduces Zylie and her younger brother Theo and sets the stage for their cross-country adventures. In Shen's book, The Adventures of Zylie the Bear: China, Zylie and Theo's story continues with both bears exploring China with their new friend Shen. Each book also contains a glossary, so kids can check the definitions of words they don't know, as well as activity prompts, such as to write down what you think happens next. Zylie and Shen are sold separately.

Is It Fun?

Zylie and Shen are like large dolls in teddy bear bodies. The outfits are highly detailed, and the storybooks offer educational content in an entertaining way. Kids will have fun engaging in traditional dress-up play with these bear dolls, but also playing out the stories from the books and creating imaginative new adventures for Zylie and Shen.

Who It’s For

The Adventures of Zylie the Bear is for ages 3 and up. Parents may want to participate in reading the storybooks, especially with younger children, to highlight some of the educational content and make sure children understand the new words introduced in each book's glossary.

What To Be Aware Of

Additional outfits for Zylie and Shen are available. Each is sold separately and retails for about $20.

The Adventures of Zylie the Bear items can be purchased on and and in select specialty toy stores.

A third bear from Australia will soon be added to the line.

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