Sound It! Found It! Review (Wowopolis)

What It Is

In Sound It! Found It!, one player tries to get other players to guess the item on a card by imitating the sound the item makes. Once the sound is identified, the other players must quickly find the item on one of the eight illustrated scene boards.

To set up, decide who will start off as the Sounder, the player who makes the sound of the item on the card. Then determine which of the eight scene boards will be played. Scenes include At the Concert, Class is in Session, Haunted House, At the Game, Around the House, Night at the Harbor, At the Zoo, and Space Station. Take out the 12 sound cards for that scene and shuffle them. The Sounder chooses a sound card from the pile and makes the sound of the item pictured on the card. For example, if the card has a picture of a clock on it, the Sounder might make a "tick tock" sound. Once a player guesses the item on the card based on the sounds, that player secretly searches for that item on the scene board. When the player finds the item, he says "Found it!" and points out the item to everyone. If it matches the Sounder's card, that player wins points and keeps the card. The player who just won now acts as the Sounder for the next card. The player with the most cards at the end of that scene (after 12 cards) wins.

There is also a Super Sound Round that uses all eight scene boards and the sound cards at once. In this round, a card is chosen and one player reads aloud the clue, such as "Something in the sky." All players then race to be the first to find one item that both makes a sound and can be found in the sky on any of the scene boards. To win the point, not only does the player have to find the item first, but he also must make the sound of the item. The first player to get 12 cards wins.

Sound It! Found It! comes with eight scene boards, 96 sound cards, eight card holders, and an instruction sheet. It is for three or more players.

Is It Fun?

Kids will have a lot of fun making all sorts of crazy sounds in this game. The illustrations on the scene boards are colorful and humorous with lots of facial expressions, actions, animals, machines, and more. The game is almost a little like Where's Waldo?, as players scan a packed illustration looking for a specific item. The game gets kids thinking on many levels—coming up with a sound, matching a sound to an object, and finding the item on the scene board.

Who It’s For

Sound It! Found It! is for ages 7 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

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