Zazoo Photo Clock Review (Zazoo Kids)

What It Is

For children who wake up too early or who don't stay in bed all night, the Zazoo Photo Clock aims to help those children understand the concept of "daytime" and "nighttime", or better yet "sleep" and "awake". Images on the clock's seven-inch LCD screen show children when it is time for bed or time to get up and start the day. When children see a sun, for instance, they know it is time to wake up. If kids see a moon, they know to stay in bed until the image changes to a sun. The screen also has a digital clock display.

Parents can use the pre-programmed images set to an alarm time and the music or alarm sound they want played. The awake and sleep images can also be personalized by connecting the clock to a computer or inserting a flash drive or SD card that contains images. There are 11 songs built in, but parents can upload their kid's favorite music as well as upload video. There is also a naptime setting. Parents can control the clock with the remote or use the buttons on the back of the clock.

The Zazoo Photo Clock can also grow with children and become a digital photo frame and music player as well as an alarm clock. The naptime setting can be used as a homework/reading time setting for older children.

The Zazoo Photo Clock comes with a USB connector, AC adapter, and remote control. The clock is available in five colors and designs.

Is It Fun?

The purpose of the Zazoo Photo Clock is to give children a visual cue on whether it is time to sleep or wake up, thereby preventing children from getting out of bed too early and being cranky by the afternoon. Young children can't tell time yet, but they do understand the images of day and night and can look to their Zazoo Photo Clock to know what "time" it is. The music, video, and other features make this a versatile product.

Who It’s For

The Zazoo Photo Clock is for ages 2 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

One button cell battery is included for the remote control.

We had some trouble with the Zazoo Photo Clock freezing up when we tried to access the menu to change settings. If this happens, you'll have to unplug the clock and then plug it back in. You will not have to reset the time.

The QuickStart instructions are easy to follow and convenient for parents who want to start using this right away. You can set it up in about five minutes. Personalizing the clock will take a little longer.

  • Fun

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  • Value

    1 Cell battery required